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Buy Beautiful Kaftan for Women from Wholesale Catalog 

We at Wholesale Catalog have been a renowned seller of Indian fashion in a new and unique way. It is an iconic platform for reinterpreting and relaunching traditional Indian dresses. Our company has introduced the unique ranges of Kaftan wholesale India, offering you designing and fashionable ethnic outfits for women, designed with new cuts and styles and embellished with modern art.

A Glance at Kaftan Dress

We provide Kaftan dresses which are in a real sense very comfortable, elegant, and versatile and give a great look to the women’s attire. It is also called Caftan. The description of a kaftan can be better described as a long, flowing sleeved attire which is of ankle length used as a women's garment. It is also attached with a rope which is used to make the kaftan fit to the body. In primitive times, it was mainly worn by men in the Middle East. It is made up of silk or cotton and with a belt or sash around the waist or sleeves which is of elbow length or even longer. There is a history behind the wearing of the Kaftan.

The people of Turkey used to think of it as a matter of privilege as it was worn by the Turkish Ottoman Sultans and other high-ranking individuals. It was also used as a gift and presentation which was given to the Ottoman Empire Officials at important religious festivals or to generals who used to taste victory in various battles.

Types of Kaftan Dress

Wholesale Kaftan dress has turned out to be the most-loved outfit during the lockdown days. Kaftans have emerged as multi-functional outfits. There are various types of wholesale Kaftan dresses available and some of them are as followed:

  • Party wear silk kaftan dress

This kind of kaftan can give you a dazzling look as it is made up of silk materials which is itself preferable for parties and functions. It gives a very trendy look to the person. This kaftan can make a person look gorgeous.


  • Vintage Styles Kaftan Dresses

It gives a vintage look to you. It has an amazing pattern and print and looks extremely stunning to the wearer. People who love not so bold dresses can prefer such kaftan as it is a combination of funky style which makes it different from other types. These are longer in size and also  cover almost the whole body. So if you are a little conservative and still want to go for a kaftan then opt for Vintage style.

  • T-length Kaftan Dresses

T-length kaftan has perfect length for someone who wants to show their legs in the correct ratio. If you are bored of regular kaftans, you can go for this tea style kaftan as it is very stylish and gives you a bohemian look.

  • Deep Neck Kaftan Dresses

If you love deep necks, then this kind of kaftan is the best choice for you. You can wear it and get a dazzling look as it is a perfect combination of style and trend. It can be worn for cocktail parties and beach parties.

  • Maxi Dress Oversized Kaftan

The most comfortable type of kaftan dress is maxi dress as it is oversized and is more suitable for pregnant women. This kaftan also comes with pockets and is of full length. You can also wear it on your lazy days.

  • Tips to Buy Kaftan Dress

Our company also provides certain tips for our customers which they need to see and have a proper check, before buying the kaftan products:

  • Correct Fabric

It is very important for all of us to have a check on the fabrics that we are going to buy for our clothes. We need to see for which occasion we should wear what kind of kaftan dress. For example: If you are going for a casual outing, you should prefer silk, cotton, or other natural fabric materials whereas, in case of any formal events like evening parties, one can opt for rayon, satin, or georgette.

  • Right Bag

Kaftans are loose and they may look oversized. That's why to make it look fit and more beautiful, you can opt for small purses or casual look bags, or even clutches if you are going for an evening party. Always try to color coordinate with your kaftan.

  • Proper Length

There are short-length, medium-length, and long-length kaftan dresses available. But if you want a good and proper office look, you should prefer a medium length as it gives a more formal look. A long kaftan can also be used for a beach wedding or any cocktail party. It adds more style and class to your looks and makes you look more glamorous. It can be paired with shorts or slim-fit jeans to give a fine look.

  • Proper Shoe

The beauty of Kaftan is incomplete without pairing it with a proper pair of shoes. It can be worn with any kind of shoe ranging from wedge sandals to high heels. Along with it, you can also prefer nude heels.

  • Proper Accessories

Girls and women can prefer elegant accessories and jewelry as it gives a very sophisticated look to the person. If the Kaftan is already designed with accessories and shiny embellishment along with it we can also add earrings, ring, belt, watch, small pearl earrings, etc.

Shipping Facilities
Wholesale Catalog is also a known brand for clothing and accessories as it has the facility of fast shipping on every product. We at wholesale catalog provide 100% genuine products. The main mission of our venture is to create garments that people choose to buy from our wholesaler, dealer, retailer, and reseller and to exceed customers’ expectations as a top priority. We assure you the best quality and light-weight clothing product which is comfortable to wear and to carry a class in dressing sense.

At present, our Wholesale catalog has more than 5000 customers increasing every day and also our exportation is done in more than 29 countries. We also offer 400 brands of different styles and patterns. We are the best Wholesale kaftan manufacturers that have the availability of cotton kaftan wholesale and Kashmiri kaftan wholesale. Other than these, we also have digital print kaftan wholesale, kaftan maxi dress wholesale, and Moroccan kaftan wholesale.

Why Choose Wholesale Catalog?

We also sell cotton sarees with our cotton sarees and designer sarees which are available at an exclusive price. Our company also thinks about the style our customer wants to carry and be adorned with. It is just to celebrate your style, either ethnic or western with chic and comfortable outfits of Wholesale Catalog at a very affordable price.

We are also a very customer-friendly venture who cares about the needs of the customer. Our Wholesale kaftans can give you a stylish look at work along with, providing a soft and delicate look at weddings, and elegance at parties with the clothes available at our site, rendering the perfect balance of comfort and fashion.