Bandhani Cotton Vol 1

6 pcs Bundle

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Bandhani Cotton Dupatta

10 pcs Bundle

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Bandhani Dupatta vol 1

10 pcs Bundle

₹ 99   ₹ 250


Beautiful Dupattas To Find From Wholesale Catalog

Dupattas have always been in demand among women of all age groups and it goes with all kinds of ethnic wear. Buying dupattas from wholesalers will not only be cheaper but you can also get a lot of varieties and they come in different styles and designs and colors. We are considered one of the best destinations as dupatta wholesalers online and we will be able to provide you with great varieties of dupattas and they come in great qualities too.

Dupattas go with Kurtis, Patiala, salwar suits, and whatnot. It adds up to the beauty of your entire attire. There are many dupattas that come in funky colorful shades and these add charm to simple-looking attires. It is always a better option to go for buying Dupattas online from the dupatta wholesale market. You can look up the Wholesale catalog online and make sure to go for us as we are considered to be reliable. The dupatta wholesale price varies from one to another but rest assured they are going to cost much less than the regular market price at Wholesale Catalog.

So if you are a retailer then you should go for buying dupattas from us. You are going to love the quality of these dupattas as some of these directly come to you from their makers and hence they are in their purest and cheapest form.

Cotton Dupatta wholesale

Cotton as a fabric has always been loved by all the fashion enthusiasts and basically everyone. Cotton is used as a major fabric for making all kinds of apparel be it a dress or t-shirt or shirt. Similarly cotton has been a popular choice of fabric for ethnic wear too and that causes the rise in the demand for cotton dupattas as well. We are the wholesalers for cotton dupattas that provide you with cotton dupattas of the finest quality and these are much cheaper than the ones you find in the market. You will also be able to find many cotton suits with chiffon dupatta on the wholesale catalog. Finding Cotton Dupatta sellers online is even easier with the Wholesale catalog. It is suggested you go for reliable websites only so that you will be able to avoid unwanted troubles.

Phulkari Dupatta Wholesale

You can always add a little bit of glam to your simple ethnic wear with Phulkari dupattas. The term Phulkari literally means flower work and this beautiful embroidery work hails from Punjab. If you have solid-colored ethnic wear you can add a twist to it and spice things up with these printed dupattas. These come in beautiful designs and colors and a wide range of options to choose from. There are many Phulkari Dupatta Wholesalers in Amritsar and you can reach out to them through Wholesale catalog. You can find Phulkari dupattas in chiffon dupatta at the wholesale Catalog. It is suggested for you buy these Phulkari dupattas from wholesalers so that you will be able to save a lot of money and will also be able to get your hands on good-quality dupattas.

Cotton Dupatta online wholesale

Many women prefer cotton dupattas over dupattas that are made from other fabrics because it is much more comfortable than other fabrics. It is suitable for all seasons and is especially good to wear during summer which makes it the perfect fabric for making dupattas that are sometimes used as scarves too. These cotton dupattas come in many colors, designs, and styles which make them suit all kinds of ethnic wear. You will be able to find markets where you can buy cotton Kurti Pant sets with Dupatta on the wholesale catalog.

Finding cotton dupatta wholesalers online is rather easy because of the demand that comes with the fabric. Cotton dupatta wholesale price o Wholesale catalog is very less than what you will find offline. So it would be a much wiser option to buy cotton dupattas online from wholesalers rather than going for them offline.

Dupatta at Wholesale catalog wholesale

The wholesale catalog is one of the biggest Dupatta Bazaar in India. We have a wide range of collections of designer Dupattas that can literally match all your ethnic outfits. You will find all kinds of Dupatta for wholesale here ranging from Banarasi dupatta, Ajrakh dupatta, Bhagalpuri dupatta, Kalamkari dupatta to chiffon dupatta, phulkari dupatta, paithani dupatta, and many more. We are not only popular among retailers but also many direct buyers prefer buying dupattas from us as an online dupatta wholesaler because we are reliable and present the buyers with a huge range of dupattas and we have been trusted by millions of customers already.

The option of free shipping and Cash on Delivery makes us even more popular among the buyers and we have really good customer service. We let you buy dupattas online at the best price deal and the quality is not compromised either which makes us undeniably one of the best places to shop for dupattas at a wholesale price.

Wholesale dupatta market in Surat

There are many wholesale dupatta markets in Surat and these dupattas come in the finest quality which you can find on the Wholesale catalog. The dupattas available here are the best in the market because these come here directly from the makers and are in their most original and authentic version. It is a lot cheaper to buy dupattas from wholesalers in Surat because these directly come to you from the manufacturers which makes it easier for cost-cutting of the traveling expenses hence making it appropriate for bulk ordering. Many retailers prefer buying wholesale dupattas from us as there are hundreds of wholesalers and they offer you a wide range of dupatta collections to choose from. Surat rightfully has one of the biggest dupatta wholesale markets and we get it to you with just a few clicks. You can get the best dupattas if you decide to buy dupattas from wholesalers in Surat. You can contact these wholesalers and there may be some discount if you are buying these dupattas in huge quantity.

Wholesale dupatta online

Buying dupatta online at wholesale price is possible now thanks to many wholesalers who have decided to take things digital. You can find many online wholesalers in the Wholesale catalog. The best part about buying dupattas online from us is that it makes it more convenient for buyers and retailers to have access to dupattas that have been made from all over the country.

Usually, people had to go to wholesale dupatta markets in Jaipur, Surat, Delhi, Surat, and other such wholesale markets but with Wholesale Catalog, buyers and retailers can have access to all these markets without having to travel to these places and they can get things done with just a few clicks. It is a rather suitable option to buy dupattas at wholesale prices online as this is also a lot cheaper than the usual market price.

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