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If you’re looking to buy abayas from our Wholesale Catalog at unbeatable wholesale prices, you’ve come to the right place. Our extensive inventory offers jeans in a variety of styles, colours and sizes to fit your needs. Whether you are a wholesaler or just want to purchase these beautiful robes, our wholesale robes catalogue is great and affordable. Always check the material and label carefully to make sure the dress is made from the correct fabric.

Islamic clothing is interpreted in accordance with the teachings of Islam. Muslims wear a wide variety of clothing, which is influenced by religious considerations, and also cultural and political factors. An Abaya is a long, usually dark-coloured cloak, widely worn by many Muslim women. Abaya, Jubbas is an ankle-length, robe-like garment, especially worn in the Middle East. In Islamic societies, jubbas are worn by clerics, judges, barristers, dervishes, and professors. The salwar kameez is worn by both men and women in Islamic culture.

Browse our catalogue and discover the latest trends and classic designs of Abaya for every taste. You can create the best clothing collection of Abaya Muslim attire for your clients at competitive wholesale prices. Welcome to buy quality wholesale abaya with our factory.

The Rising Trend and Demand for Abaya In Islamic Wear

The Abaya segment held the largest share of 32% in the Islamic Clothing market in 2020. It is a loose over-garment that is meant to cover the entire body except the head, face, hands and feet. The style of the garment is robe-like and is meant to preserve the modesty of women.

The style of the Abaya does not vary but within that paradigm, however, designers have come up with cross stitch Abayas, butterfly Abayas, trench coat style Abayas and more. Kashida (Kashmiri embroidery) is a very popular design on Abayas worn in Jammu and Kashmir in India. Zardozi, as well as animal print, are also popular embellishments on an Abaya. The materials in which an Abaya can be created range from polyester viscose to crepe, lycra, georgette, silk, chiffon and net.

Abaya is a sign of respect, dignity, and modesty and an easy and convenient way to hide the body according to Islamic teachings. Hence it is widely used across the globe which will grow the Islamic Clothing Market in the forecast period.

Our Range Of Abayas

When choosing wholesale Abaya, it is important to consider the size, material, and colour of the garment. Some fabrics are easier to care for than others, so it’s important to choose one that’s easy to clean and maintain. Also, when buying in bulk, it is important to pick a collection with wide varieties. Below is the range of abaya you can get while choosing Wholesale Catalog.

1. Simple Abaya

A simple and a “Must-Have” Abaya in your wardrobe for day-to-day wear. This can be used as a proper “A–Line” Abaya separately or can also be paired with one of our many ‘Shrugs’ or ‘Capes’ or ‘Cardigans’ to have a different look. Comes with two side pockets and an opening slit on the back. You can also visit the Wholesale Catalog website for amazing offers and the best products.

2. Open Abaya

Bringing abaya trends into the 21st century, our fashionable open-front abayas are perfect for layering to create a statement look. In a range of colours from subtle cream through to popping pink, they look stunning when paired with a simple inner slip dress. Light and airy, our open-front abayas feature a relaxed fit. This ensures you are well covered, whilst allowing you to move around freely and confidently in public areas. We stock open abayas in a range of gorgeous materials, including satin open abayas and beautiful beaded options, allowing you to express your identity with confidence and class.

3. Closed Abaya

Our Essentials Closed Abaya is simply designed with tapered sleeves, a zipper opening at the neck, and features side pockets to conveniently store your phone, keys, and other necessities. The functional features and clean design make it practical and perfect for everyday wear. The abaya is made from quality Malaki crepe which is medium weight, durable, and completely matte (not shiny).

4. Batwing Abaya

Batwing Abaya is when we cut abayas to form the shape of a butterfly. The top is bulky with the sleeves being attached to the sides like a Batwing and the bottom is skinny and draping. These are really elegant abayas preferred by the newer generation. They come under the category of closed abayas. These abayas can be made from materials such as Nida, Silk, Satin, Cotton and all the other materials that people use to make abayas out of.

5. Kimono Abaya

Here at Wholesale Catalog, our elegant abayas are designed to make sure you always stand out for the right reasons. Keeping within the fashion guidelines of the modest Muslim woman, our stylish abayas allow you to express your identity with class. Whether you’re after a simple plain closed abaya for prayer, or a kimono abaya to solve a casual or special event attire dilemma, you’ll find an outfit with a flair of Islamic modesty for every occasion.

6. Layered Abaya

This style usually offers an outer layer with a sheer top layer for a modern look. The one we have picked out, however, has a frock style just because of how great it looks! It has several layers in the flowy skirt of the abaya, making the abaya look fashionable and attractive and so comfortable. You can style this with a pair of heels to give the outfit more flair.

7. Embroidered Abaya

There is no outfit a little embroidery work can’t improve and there are different styles of abayas in Wholesale Catalog is proof of that. From brightly coloured, textured embroidery to minimalist embroidery at the hems and sleeves, there are several options for wholesale embroidery abaya to choose from and they are all great ones to have. 

8. Chiffon Abaya

Our wholesale chiffon Abaya brings an elegant, eid-ready edge to our collection. The sweeping silhouette is crafted from lightweight chiffon with a kimono neckline and voluminous lined bell sleeves. Cinch the waist with the coordinating inner belt and team it with flat sandals by day, switching to heels for the evening. You will find the best chiffon Abaya at the best prices at Wholesale Catalog.

9. Georgette Abaya

A printed georgette double-hooped abaya is an elegant and stylish Islamic garment. It is made of soft, comfortable georgette fabric with a delicate enough drape. The dress comes with a lovely floral print that adds glamour and charm to your look. The double-loop design of the robe creates a unique and attractive look. Abayas are designed to provide maximum comfort while controlling the wearer’s behaviour. Our Abaya are perfect for special occasions or daily use. At Wholesale Catalog, Georgette Abaya dresses are available in a variety of sizes and colours to suit different preferences.

10. Heavy Abaya

As seen at the Wholesale Catalog website, heavy abayas are stunning and elegant traditional Middle Eastern clothing. It is produced with care and attention to detail, not only in accordance with the ethical and cultural values associated with the abaya but also to ensure comfort and durability. This heavy abaya is made of quality fabric, thick, and so beautiful that it offers a sense of opulence. Its weight adds an elegant feel and is ideal for working hours and cold seasons. Heavy abaya dresses are often embellished with intricate embroidery, sequins or beading that harmoniously blend modesty and style.

11. Red Abaya

Red clothing is considered the most important when showing faith and belief in a higher power. Women who are against Islamic culture often wear red dresses to show their belief in Allah. It also embodies qualities such as refinement, modesty, elegance and fame. Red is the best choice to hide sagging areas on the body, distract attention from the problem and make you look thin.

Wholesale Catalog is a one-stop shop for all your abaya-related needs and they now have the option to buy red abaya online at wholesale prices. Explore our wide selection of abayas online, including our red one-pieces that will make you fall in love with us. Visit our website and place your order today.

12. Pink Abaya

The pink Abaya at our Wholesale Catalog is a beautiful and elegant dress that embodies style and tradition. Carefully crafted in a soft pink hue, this abaya exudes elegance and femininity. Its loose, flowing silhouette is comfortable and elegant, making it suitable for everyday wear to special events.

Beautiful embroidery and embellishments on the bodice and sleeves add a touch of sophistication, making it the perfect choice for those looking for a balance between modern fashion and cultural appropriations. Whether for a trip or a meeting, the pink Abaya is versatile and can be added to any outfit, showing style and intelligence.

13. Green Abaya

Embroidered green Abaya are usually dark green in colour and have gold, white or beige embroidery patterns. Some have patterns on certain parts of the garment, while others have patterns all over the body. This vibrant Abaya dress will make you look beautiful and stand out from the crowd. Dark green, heavily embroidered abaya dresses are perfect for parties and weddings. They are unique and easily distinguished from regular red or pink coloured dresses.

14. Black Abaya

Black abayas are the most popular choice, as they are versatile and can be worn for any occasion. However, if you want to add a pop of colour to your abaya, there are many beautiful colours and prints to choose from at Wholesale Catalog. If you are looking for a simple black Abaya in bulk online, we are here to meet your distinct needs. You can trust us when it comes to variety even for a plain black Abaya. We have plenty of options which will spoil you for choices.

15. White Abaya

As white is the colour of purity and peace, it is one of the colours that resonate with positive feelings. Apart from the psychological aspects, a lot of women love the colour white. Not only because white looks clean, fresh and elegant, but also because white is a cool colour that reflects the sun as opposed to the colour black which attracts heat. White abayas have that chic look to them and feel very luxurious. The only downside to white clothing is that they are high maintenance and they could get dirty really quickly.

People love wearing white abayas on special occasions, also when the abayas are made out of expensive fabrics such as silk, satin, linen, khadi etc. you can purchase from Wholesale Catalog at wholesale price.

16. Golden Abaya

Brilliantly gorgeous on any body type, this golden-coloured abaya is a must for every Muslim women’s wardrobe. This naqab is the perfect amalgamation of unmatched comfort and grace together with ease of movement and durability not to mention the flamboyant look making it the ideal piece for any festive, party or traditional occasion. This abaya has a full flared skirt attached with a top and golden pearl buttons on the chest. Sleeves are with cuffs attached to which are again those lovely golden buttons.

17. Pastel Abaya

The pastel-coloured abaya, as seen in the Wholesale Catalog, is really a very beautiful and attractive one. Crafted with care and attention to detail, these abayas exude timeless beauty and sophistication. Available in a soft shade of pastel colours, these abayas are not only visually soothing but also versatile enough to suit many occasions. Pastel-coloured embroidered abayas will be your client’s new favourite and will give them a pure vibe.

18. Abaya in Combination Colour

At Wholesale Catalog, we fully appreciate that single-colour modest outfits are a must-have for modern Muslims – but sometimes we crave a little colour to spice up our style. One of the simplest and safest clashes is a trusty monochrome black-and-white combination. This night-and-day colour palette is instantly eye-catching yet simplistic, making it an ideal way to dip your toe into the world of colour clashing and build your confidence. The other positive is that both of these tones complement pretty much any other colour – so, if you’re feeling brave, you can introduce another hue into the mix.

We Have Wholesale Abayas for All Occasions

  • Abaya For Weddings

The most sacred and special occasion in one’s life is a wedding. Whether you are a bride or a family member attending a wedding, you just can’t miss out on the wonderful wedding abaya collection at Wholesale Catalog. Each abaya presents itself with stories woven in lace, embroideries, sequins, colours, and designs making you celebrate in style.

  • Abaya For Office

Our work Abayas are designed to meet your professional standards giving attention to minute details and representing your style and personality. Some of our bestseller work abayas are Ghaliya Abaya, Asraa Abaya, Najla Abaya, and Hesa Abaya. The Wholesale Catalog professional collection offers a variety of work abayas to keep you in style and on your feet. You can buy in bulk from Wholesale Catalog at wholesale prices.

  • Abaya For Festivals

Enhance your festival style with eye-catching abayas from our Wholesale Catalog. Combining tradition with elegance, these dresses feature beautiful embroidery, beautiful fabrics and many beautiful colours. Perfect for religious ceremonies and religious holidays, these dresses provide timeless style and elegance for any occasion.

  • Abaya For Parties

Enhance your party style with one of the stunning abayas from Wholesale Catalog. These clothes, prepared with intricate embroideries, luxurious fabrics and vibrant colours, are the symbol of elegance. Whether it is a holiday or an event, our abayas will help you stand out on the occasion.

  • Abaya For Other Occasions

Evening events call for extravagance and glam as an unspoken rule. Wholesale Catalog evening abayas help you mark your presence with a style statement that offers uncompromising elegance and style. Every abaya displays class and opulence like no other.

Buy Abaya from Wholesale Catalog In Bulk

Buying abayas in bulk from Wholesale Catalog is a smart choice for many reasons. Our extensive collection of abayas is available in different styles, colours and sizes to suit different customers. Whether you run a retail store, or an online store, or need robes for a special event, bulk purchasing allows you to get competitive prices and discounts to ensure your business is valued.

Our website is user-friendly and makes it easy for you to browse the catalogue, select the products you want and place bulk orders. We prioritise and work with reliable suppliers to ensure our clothing meets high standards and customer expectations. We also offer customization options to meet specific needs, including branding.

By choosing to purchase abayas in bulk from our Wholesale Catalog site, you can facilitate your sales, meet customer needs and provide cost-saving service while offering your customers a variety of quality abayas. Buying abayas in bulk from our Wholesale Catalog site is a smart choice for many reasons. Our extensive collection of abayas online is available in different styles, colours and sizes to suit different customers. Whether you run a retail store, or an online store, or need robes for a special event, bulk purchasing allows you to get competitive prices and discounts to ensure your business is valued.

Why Choose Wholesale Catalog To Buy Women’s Abaya In Wholesale?

1. Best Quality Material

Wholesale Catalog has become a major destination for people looking for the best products in bulk. With the ease of searching and ordering online, our website has transformed the way businesses and people build their businesses on quality and durability, whether big or small, personally through the best information.

2. Wide Variety of Wholesale Abayas

The Wholesale Catalog website offers a wide selection of wholesale abayas to meet the needs of fashion retailers and businesses. These platforms offer buyers an easy and efficient way to bulk purchase a variety of abaya styles, materials, and designs. Whether a person is looking for traditional, modern or trendy abayas, our site usually has many options.

3. Best Abayas At Wholesale Price

Wholesale Catalog offers variety and affordable prices to people and businesses looking for the best quality clothing at wholesale prices. The competitive prices of our store constantly lead buyers to buy these beautiful clothes at a discount, making them the first choice of retailers, wholesalers and people looking to buy more.

4. Easy Website Interface

Wholesale Catalog has a simple web interface that is useful for businesses that want to streamline their purchasing processes. Our site provides detailed information about products, price information and quantity options, allowing buyers to make quick decisions. The user-friendly interface increases efficiency, saves businesses valuable time and effort, and ultimately helps provide a better wholesale experience.

5. Trusted Dealer Of Wholesale Abaya

Wholesale Catalog plays a pivotal role for a trusted dealer of wholesale abayas. These platforms provide an essential digital showcase for the extensive range of abaya designs and styles, allowing customers, retailers, and resellers to peruse and select from a wide variety of products. A reputable wholesale abaya dealer may leverage our website to maintain transparency and build trust with their clientele.  Furthermore, our website includes features like secure payment options and efficient customer support, enhancing the overall buying experience for those looking to buy abaya online in bulk.

6. Free Shipping

Wholesale Catalog website offers a wide variety of products at great prices, making them a go-to resource for businesses and retailers looking to stock their products. An attractive feature our platforms offer is free shipping on orders, which can provide a significant cost-saving benefit. Offering everything from men clothing to women clothing, free shipping stores give businesses access to a wide range of products while improving their financial thinking, ultimately leading to greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Book Bulk Abaya in wholesale from us

Wholesale Catalog offers a lucrative opportunity for retailers and businesses to buy Abayas in bulk. Abayas, a traditional garment worn by Muslim women, are in high demand across the globe. By sourcing from Wholesale Catalog, businesses can access a diverse range of Abayas in various styles, colours, and sizes at competitive wholesale prices. This enables retailers to stock their inventory with fashionable and culturally significant clothing.

Whether for local boutiques or international markets, Wholesale Catalog provides a convenient platform to meet the demand for Abayas, making it a go-to destination for businesses seeking quality, diversity, and affordability in their wholesale purchases.