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Passion Tree MAHIYA VOL-2 Kurti Wholesale catalog

8 pcs Bundle

₹ 585   ₹ 1237

Your Profit:(52.71%)


Passion Tree Summer Story Vol 1 Kurti Wholesale catalog

7 pcs Bundle

₹ 549   ₹ 1199

Your Profit:(54.21%)


Anju Fabrics Cape Style Kurti Wholesale catalog

5 pcs Bundle

₹ 1425   ₹ 2546

Your Profit:(44.03%)


TIPS & TOPS BABY Vol 03 Kurti Wholesale catalog

8 pcs Bundle

₹ 275   ₹ 749

Your Profit:(63.28%)


SADHANA FASHION HARLEEN Salwar Kameez Wholesale catalog

8 pcs Bundle

₹ 1295   ₹ 2546

Your Profit:(49.14%)


Ganga MISHA 2690 Dress Materials Wholesale catalog

4 pcs Bundle

₹ 1060   ₹ 2190

Your Profit:(51.6%)


CHHAYA MEERA Kurti Wholesale catalog

6 pcs Bundle

₹ 930   ₹ 1658

Your Profit:(43.91%)


Shraddha Maria B Colors Vol 1 Salwar Suits Wholesale catalog

5 pcs Bundle

₹ 1199   ₹ 2180

Your Profit:(45%)


Taj 523 And 524 Cotton Dupatta Salwar Suits Wholesale catalog

2 pcs Bundle

₹ 550   ₹ 2189

Your Profit:(74.87%)


Taj 523 And 524 Chiffon Dupatta Salwar Suits Wholesale catalog

2 pcs Bundle

₹ 500   ₹ 1276

Your Profit:(60.82%)


Belliza Naira Vol 54 Cotton Printed Dress Material Wholesale catalog

8 pcs Bundle

₹ 575   ₹ 2310

Your Profit:(75.11%)


AWESOME-4 PRINT SOFT COTTON Mens T- shirts Wholesale catalog

4 pcs Bundle

₹ 300   ₹ 739

Your Profit:(59.4%)


Anamsa 461 Rayon Salwar Kameez Wholesale catalog

1 pcs Bundle

₹ 1249   ₹ 2319

Your Profit:(46.14%)


Vinay Kuleesh Sneh Heavy Embroidery Salwar Kameez Wholesale catalog

6 pcs Bundle

₹ 2080   ₹ 4389

Your Profit:(52.61%)


Blue Hills Amelia VOL -3 Kurti Wholesale catalog

6 pcs Bundle

₹ 350   ₹ 728

Your Profit:(51.92%)


Ganga DITI 2679 Dress Materials Wholesale catalog

4 pcs Bundle

₹ 1060   ₹ 2178

Your Profit:(51.33%)


Ganga RIDAH 2677 Dress Materials Wholesale catalog

4 pcs Bundle

₹ 1060   ₹ 2189

Your Profit:(51.58%)


Ganga NEEVA 2680 Dress Materials Wholesale catalog

4 pcs Bundle

₹ 1060   ₹ 2167

Your Profit:(51.08%)


Rangmaya RANGREZ Kurti Wholesale catalog

8 pcs Bundle

₹ 630   ₹ 1436

Your Profit:(56.13%)

Our Clients Says

Wholesale kurti.......... Is awesone place in India where we can buy kurti. Here wholesale Ethnic kurtis , wholesale Designer Saree's, wholesale khadi kurtis, wholesale Anarkali suits etc are available??........ Highly recommended to every women
Afsana Saifi
Wholesale kurtis in surat India very nice super Wholesale Suit Catalog it is very nice Wholesale Kurti Catalog super catalogue Wholesale Unstitched Kurtis ?Wholesale Yardage (Thaan is very nice I am buying it super
Arpan Ghosh
I love the place for the prices and the quality of the dresses all are the best I have buy khadi kurti and rayon kurti both of them was pure and at least prices
Boss Edison
I am very happy and lucky that i know about this beautiful place ...this is the place ... wholesale khadi and anarkali sarees are available here
Vk Vikas
Wholesale Designer Sarees is very nice super ? And Wholesale Rayon Kurtis is very bestWholesale Jaipuri Bandhani super buy this very nice supe
Ajoy Das
This is the best place of Wholesale Kurtis in surat India . Very Good Qulity Kurtis , Designer Sarees ,whooelsale priece Of all type Sarees and Kurtis.
Kashish Goyal
Great reponce and great collection this and good kurits are available this and Iam happy this Surat shop wholesale khadi Kurtis
Tommy Paul
Best holesaler is Surat and great kurtis are available this recomended this so iam happy this wholesale kurtis in Surat
Neha Ramani
My friend told me about this place and i am very happy after visiting this beautiful place ..all type of wholesale anarkali kruties are also available here
Adrash Fanda
This is the best place of Wholesale Kurtis in surat India . Very Good Qulity Kurtis , Designer Sarees ,whooelsale priece Of all type Sarees and Kurtis.
Kapil Kumar

Wholesale Catalog - The Best Option to Buy Wholesale Kurtis in Surat

The demand for Kurtis has grown significantly in recent years, with women increasingly choosing to wear a well-designed Kurtis for festive occasions. With the increasing popularity of Kurtis, the Wholesale Catalog has emerged as a convenient source for retailers to purchase daily wear wholesale Kurtis in Surat. Women love to dress up during festivals, special occasions, and parties, making it essential to choose a well-designed Kurti that complements the event and a woman's personality. Therefore, our Designers work hard to create the best-class Kurtis for your customers, ensuring that you meet the growing demand for Kurtis in Surat.

As the demand for this attire is increasing, Wholesale Catalog has made a store right onto your hands. Our retailer customers can buy daily wear wholesale Kurtis online right from their place. We offer a variety of stylish, trendy, and creative Kurtis, including palazzos, leggings, salwar kameez, and other creative possibilities. We are the no. 1 shop in Surat for shopping branded Kurtis wholesale online without any worries.

Wholesale Catalog provides the best collection of Wholesale Kurtis in Surat dresses for any event. Therefore, you don't need to be worried or travel anywhere far for the best designer Kurtis wholesale online shopping. We have it all in one place, both online and offline.

Variety of Wholesale Kurtis Available At Wholesale Catalog

1. Designer Kurtis Wholesale

Surat is known for its vibrant traditional dresses and beautiful wholesale designer Kurtis. The city is renowned globally for its Kurti designs, and we, Wholesale Catalog, are a leading manufacturer of these garments. We offer a wide range of Designer Kurtis wholesale. We are the best wholesale seller for designer Kurtis and are trusted worldwide for our products.

2. Cotton Kurtis Wholesale

Wholesale Catalog is a renowned Indian wholesaler of cotton Kurtis, offering high-quality, and affordable options for retailers. We offer a wide range of designs, including long and short, designer, and Anarkali cotton Kurtis. As the best provider in Surat, we provide pure cotton Kurtis wholesale in various trends. Our 100% original material ensures pure cotton Kurtis, making us a trustworthy wholesale supplier.

3. Branded Kurtis Wholesale

Branded Kurtis wholesale is perfect for retailers looking for trendy and comfortable Kurtis at affordable prices. At Wholesale Catalog, you can get a wide range of styles and Kurtis branded wholesale, through both offline and online ways. You can bulk order easily through our website.

All types of Branded Kurtis wholesale Online In Surat will be found at There are a large number of wholesalers and Dealers, but all of the simultaneous purchases from the Wholesale Catalog have a one-stop setup, you can buy Blouses wholesale sareeKurtis Manufacturer in surat Dresses, and Salwar kameezleggings, wholesale Kurtis online You can buy pants, wholesale from top prices. Come to the kurtis wholesale bazaar or at the Surat textile market You can buy branded kurtis wholesale from us. but if you buy from a retailer you will get it at very expensive prices. If you come to the textile market from the railway station, be careful because there are only commission agents with auto-rickshaws in Surat. Any stock that the shopper will give you is the profit of the auto-rickshaw, and the old stock will be sold to you. There are no guarantees of the goods you buy any more, even the bad ones can come out.

4. Chikankari Kurtis Wholesale

Chikankari Kurtis are known to be made in Lucknow, India, and are loved for the hand embroidery work done on it. We, at Wholesale Catalog, provide you with the best high-quality chikankari Kurtis wholesale, with different and creative embroidery designs. We ensure you the best quality and clean hand work done on the Kurtis.

5. Cotton Anarkali Kurtis Wholesale

Anarkali Kurtis are a popular and timeless style and are made from cotton which never gets old in style. These traditional Kurtis are constantly in fashion and are constantly updated with new formats and unique boutiques to enhance their appeal. We at Wholesale Catalog ensure you the best quality at affordable prices for cotton Anarkali Kurtis wholesale.

6. Plus Size Kurtis Wholesale

The fashion industry's recent shift towards inclusivity and diversity has led to a growing trend for plus-size Kurtis. Wholesale Catalog provides a diverse range of high-quality plus-size Kurtis wholesale online, catering to women of all sizes. Each piece is created with attention to detail and maximum comfort. Our user-friendly website makes it easy to browse and choose the products among the large variety of Kurtis. We also offer affordable wholesale rates and bulk discounts.

7. Chickpet Wholesale Kurtis

Chickpet Kurtis are mostly loved for their vibrant colours, clean decorations, and traditional Indian motifs. It is a fusion of contemporary style with ethnic accents which makes it a popular choice among women wanting modern fashion and traditional style in one. Chickpet wholesale Kurtis at Wholesale Catalog is the best choice to upgrade your shops. We provide the best quality chickpet Kurtis at the best wholesale prices for bulk orders.

8. Kurti Plazo Set Wholesale

Kurtis is a versatile garment that enhances your appearance and is suitable for any occasion. We manufacture Kurti with palazzo/palazzo sets wholesale with great quality and affordable prices, which is a great combination of our fittings and palazzo, making it suitable for every girl looking gorgeous.

9. Kurti Pant Set Wholesale

At Wholesale Catalog, you get Kurti pants set wholesale, ensuring high-quality materials. Kurti, paired with matching pants, makes up a fashionable look. We provide these sets in various patterns, materials, and embellishments. It is the best option for women searching for a coordinated and stylish set of dresses.

10. Denim Kurtis Wholesale

Denim Kurtis are a modern twist on traditional clothing, combining comfort and design with timeless appeal. Made from denim, it features fashionable cuts, stitching, and decorations like buttons, patches, or embroidery. Available in various denim washes and tints, it adds a modern touch to semi-formal and casual ensembles. Wholesale Catalog has a variety of denim Kurtis wholesale in different styles and patterns at affordable prices.

11. Fiona Kurti Wholesale

Fiona Kurtis are known for their beautiful designs, high-quality materials, and craftsmanship. They feature clean embroidery, decorations, and traditional styles, reflecting Indian fashion sensibility. Its style makes it ideal for both, formal events and festive occasions, they combine classic craftsmanship with modern design, appealing to fashionistas. At Wholesale Catalog, you get all types of branded Fiona Kurtis wholesale to satisfy your customers.

12. Indo Era Kurtis Wholesale

Indo-Era Kurtis offers a variety of fashionable Kurtis, combining modern and traditional Indian designs and embellishments. Its premium materials feature elaborate patterns, decorations, and embroidery. Available in various sizes, colours, and designs, they are perfect for businesses seeking fashionable items that satisfy their customers. Wholesale Catalog has the best collection of indo-era kurtis wholesale for bulk orders. We give you the best services and products at very good price margins.

13. Nayo Kurtis Wholesale

Nayo Kurtis are stylish and comfortable Kurtis suitable for special events and daily use. It is known for its modern styles, eye-catching colours, and premium materials, and it offers a balance of comfort and flair. Retailers use Nayo Kurtis wholesale to offer a wide range of options, including floral designs, geometric patterns, traditional themes, and many more to satisfy their customers who have different tastes. Wholesale Catalog is here with a great variety of choices in high-quality products that fit your budget. Here, you can get the best nayo Kurtis wholesale easily.

14. Pakistani Kurtis Wholesale

Pakistani Kurtis wholesale at Wholesale Catalog comes in various shades and styles, making them cost-effective and easy to wear. We offer you a variety of colors and styles to create an elegant and traditional Pakistani look. As a one-stop shop, we provide various colors, designs, and styles of Pakistani suits. We are the best wholesale Pakistani suits dealer in India, offering original Pakistani suits wholesale options. Wholesalers and bulk buyers can benefit from our good products and high-quality materials.

Choose Wholesale Catalog as the Best Kurti Wholesale Market in India

1. Wholesale Kurti Market in Delhi

Wholesale Catalog offers wholesale women's attires in Delhi. We are a popular wholesale kurti market in Delhi due to our high-quality products and branded Kurtis. If you want to make bulk orders of high-quality products at affordable prices, Wholesale Catalog is the best for you.

2. Wholesale Kurti Market in Jaipur

Wholesale Catalog is the no.1 place in the wholesale kurti market in Jaipur for best quality products at affordable prices. We offer a wholesale online market in Jaipur, from where you can get your products easily.

3. Best Wholesale Kurti Market in Surat

If you are looking for the best wholesale kurti market in Surat, then Wholesale Catalog is the one you are looking for. Wholesale Catalog is the best place for bulk orders of best quality products in Surat.

Surat, also known as the "Silk City of India", is a hub for textile manufacturing and trade. The city is famous for its wholesale markets, where you can find a variety of fabrics, clothing, and accessories at the most affordable prices. Among the many markets in Surat, the wholesale kurti market stands out as a must-visit for anyone looking to stock up on high-quality kurtis at wholesale prices. Kurtis, a type of traditional Indian tunic, has gained popularity not only in India but also in other parts of the world. They are comfortable, versatile, and stylish, making them a must-have in every woman's wardrobe. The wholesale kurti market in Surat offers a wide range of kurtis in various designs, fabrics, and patterns, making it a one-stop destination for retailers and boutique owners. So, what makes the wholesale kurti market in Surat the best in the business? Let's take a closer look.

  • Huge variety: The market in Surat offers an extensive range of kurtis to choose from. You can find traditional kurtis with intricate embroidery, trendy kurtis with modern prints, and everything in between. This variety ensures that there is something for everyone, making it an ideal place for retailers to source kurtis for their customers.


  • Latest trends: Surat is known for its cutting-edge fashion, and the kurta market is no exception. The market is always up-to-date with the latest trends, ensuring that retailers can offer their customers the most fashionable kurtis. From traditional to contemporary, you can find all styles of kurtis in the wholesale market.


  • High-quality products: Quality is of utmost importance when it comes to clothing, and the kurti market in Surat does not disappoint. The kurtis available here are made from high-quality fabrics such as cotton, silk, chiffon, and georgette. The craftsmanship is also top-notch, ensuring that the kurtis are durable and long-lasting.


  • Affordable prices: The wholesale market in Surat is known for its affordable prices. Retailers can buy kurtis in bulk at a fraction of the cost compared to other markets in India. This means that they can offer their customers high-quality kurtis at competitive prices, making it a win-win situation for everyone.


  • Customization: The wholesale kurti market in Surat also offers customization services, where you can get kurtis tailor-made according to your specifications. This is particularly beneficial for boutique owners who want to offer unique designs to their customers. It also allows retailers to create their own brand and stand out in the market.


  • Easy accessibility: The kurti market in Surat is situated in the heart of the city and is easily accessible by all modes of transportation. This makes it convenient for retailers from other cities to come and stock up on kurtis for their stores.

4. Wholesale Kurti Market in Bhubaneswar

Every business person wants to have the best quality and trending products in their shop. To fulfill your wishes, Wholesale Catalog is here and is known as the best wholesale kurti market in Bhubaneswar. We provide you with the trendiest fashion at affordable prices.

5. Wholesale Market in Mumbai for Kurtis

Wholesale Catalog is the best among the other shops in the wholesale market in Mumbai for Kurtis. We create the best fashion Kurtis to satisfy your customers and that too at reasonable and best prices.

6. Kolkata Wholesale Market For Kurtis

The online service of Wholesale Catalog in Kolkata is the best in the wholesale market for Kurtis. We have a variety of styles, colors, and trending products at very good prices that you cannot resist. Our products will boost your shop and we guarantee the satisfaction of your customers.

7. Kurtis Wholesale Market in Chennai

In the wholesale market in Chennai, the Wholesale Catalog is the best for Kurtis. We have everything and all types of Kurtis or sets you need. We provide you with the best services and high-quality products, which makes Wholesale Catalog the best choice for your bulk orders.

8. Fancy Kurti Wholesale Market In Mumbai

Looking for the best fancy Kurtis for bulk order, that too at affordable prices for your budget? Then Wholesale Catalog is the best choice for you. We have a variety of options for fancy Kurtis in different designs, styles, and colours. We give you high-quality products at affordable prices in your budget.

9. Wholesale Market in Pune for Kurtis

In the wholesale market in Pune, Wholesale Catalog is the best choice for the bulk order of High-quality Kurtis. We offer the best wholesale market in Pune for kurtis that provides you with the highest quality products at affordable prices that too in a variety of styles, colors, and trending designs.

10. Kurti Wholesale Market in Bangalore

Among the various shops in the wholesale market for Kurtis in Bangalore, Wholesale Catalog is the best choice offering you the best quality and a variety of products in trending styles, designs, and colours

11. Readymade Kurti Wholesale Market in Delhi

Delhi has a vast area of shops having ready-made Kurti wholesale markets. But, among all of them, Wholesale Catalog is the number one shop for the best readymade Kurtis wholesale in Delhi. Here, you will get a variety of options for products that can help you satisfy your customers and boost your business.

12. Lakhnavi Kurti Wholesale Market

Wholesale Catalog is known for its best quality products in the Lakhnavi kurti wholesale market. Here we have trending designs and the best products near you so that you can have all you need for your customers, easily.


Wholesale Catalog - The Best Kurti Wholesale Suppliers In India

Kurtis are popular items for women, especially during festivals, special occasions, and parties. To satisfy this demand, Wholesale Catalog offers you a wide range of stylish, trendy, and creative Kurtis made from high-quality materials. The fabrics used to make our Kurtis are breathable, and are made easy-to-wear, and suitable for casual wear and party wear. Our Wholesale Catalog provides a variety of Kurtis at wholesale prices, with no issues such as color leaks.

Surat is known for its wide range of kurti designs and styles, including traditional Indian prints and modern, western-inspired styles. From elegant Anarkali kurtis to chic and trendy Indo-Western kurtis, we have everything here for everyone. This diverse range of styles is perfect for retailers looking to satisfy their wide range of customers looking for unique and fashionable kurtis to add to their collections.

In addition to the variety in designs, Wholesale Catalog is known for its high-quality Kurtis. With strict quality control measures in place, you can be assured that the kurtis you purchase from us are of the best quality. We are well known in different parts of India for our different varieties of Kurtis. Due to our high-quality products, we are very well known as the best kurti wholesaler in Pune as well as a well-known kurti wholesaler in Mumbai. For 100% cotton Kurtis, we are the best cotton Kurti wholesalers in Jaipur.

If you are looking for the best designer Kurtis wholesale in different cities, we are the best designer Kurtis wholesaler in Ahmedabad near you. Every lady has her own taste and choice in fashion. To satisfy the fashion needs of your lady customers, we are the best ladies Kurtis manufacturer wholesaler in Indore. We also have our online branch for Kurtis wholesale in Chennai. We are well known as the best selfie Kurtis wholesaler in Delhi as well. So, what are you waiting for? Please hurry up and order before the stock runs out, and get our best products to boost your business.

Wholesale Kurtis Catalog

Are you looking for a host of Kurti options to choose from? Do you want low-price kurtis wholesale? Well, you are in the right place. You are at the right place. We are here to get you the best options. Indian market is vibrant, and women in India prefer an extensive range of catalog Kurtis designs and patterns. One of the best things about Kurtis is that anyone and everyone loves them. Not only Indian women but Kurtis are also loved by the foreigners who visit India. Kurti is observed as more of a cultural thing linked to the traditions and religions of India than a fashion thing. It often gets tough to judge, which the best is, and the most loved Kurti design. But you don't need to worry.

Our wholesale kurtis catalog offers flawless Kurtis that are unique and of the best quality. Our Kurtis are evergreen; they entice all kinds of customers. They are made so that they go with any bottoms; whether it is salwar, jeans, or anything else, our Kurtis will complement anything and everything. We are Surat’s best wholesale Kurti sellers. Our extensive range of wholesale Kurtis catalogs is also available online for you to browse from a gamut of unique, vibrant ladies' Kurtis wholesale options.

If you would like to order online wholesale kurtis in bulk, you are free to do so, too; we will prepare your order, ship it with the best couriers in town, and deliver it to your doorstep in no time. Our price is matchless, we guarantee you will not get the quality we offer at the price you will get from us. We are the heart of catalog wholesale Kurtis, and we assure you that our garments leave an excellent margin for retailers. So hurry up! We have limited stocks. Order now, or offline, before stock runs out, and get amazing Kurtis at an unmatchable price.


Book Your Wholesale Kurtis with Wholesale Catalog Now

Wholesale Catalog has a responsive and user-friendly website that combines comfort and elegance in modernity and fashion. We offer trendy, comfortable women's Kurtis that reflect a woman's attractiveness. With 40k current and growing loyal customers, the Wholesale Catalog exports to 29 countries. With over 900 brands and a dedicated team of designers and producers, we ensure the best quality and design. Therefore, hurry up and book your wholesale Kurtis now, and become a part of the Wholesale Catalog.

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