DEECEE VITAMIN Kurti Wholesale catalog

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₹ 495   ₹ 999

Your Profit:(50.45%)


KAVYA JYOTIKA VOL 2 Kurti Wholesale catalog

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KUSHAL SHANVI Kurti Wholesale catalog

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Buy Wholesale Branded Kurtis from Wholesale Catalog @ Best Prices


With the increasing fashion consciousness amongst everyone, it has become essential to constantly keep our wardrobe up-to-date with the latest trends. But it is not possible to buy daily wear clothes every now and then, which are branded as well as which go with the existing contemporary fashion trends.

But buying unbranded clothes also does not seem to be such a good and wise option. This is where Wholesale Catalog comes to the rescue. When buying online wholesale branded kurtis from Wholesale Catalog, we are assured to get good quality fabric, a wider range of designs and styles, good stitching quality, resistance to fading, breathability, resistance to shrinking after washing and consistency in sizes.

The Rise and Demand for Wholesale Branded Kurtis

Women, especially in India, opt for wearing kurtis to workplaces, outings, shopping and in their homes. Thus, they constantly look out for shops that sell decent and ethnic kurtas with the above-mentioned qualities at a reasonable price. Not only do such kurtis guarantee comfort because they can be worn throughout the day but they also allow free movement and they come in various sizes, keeping the body shape and size of Indian women in mind.

Hence, women wholesale kurtis are preferred by sellers over Western wear due to its rising demand. However, with Indian kurtis, mixing Western cuts with oriental wear creates a blend of styles that is preferred more. This helps to maintain one’s ethnic culture and also brings in a whiff of the style trends that all women would prefer to wear.

Wholesale Market of Branded Kurtis in Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India, is known as a hub of style and trends. It is from here that various styles and contemporary trends related to fashion commence and gradually spread to the various parts of the country.

Women prefer wearing kurtis which are suitable for the hot climate that prevails throughout the summer months. Women who want to travel to their workplaces on a daily basis prefer wearing comfortable decent clothes. If you are looking for a wholesale market of branded kurtis in Delhi, then Wholesale Catalog is the best place.

Delhi, a centre of various reputed educational institutions where students from all over the country come to study and girls busy with their academic pursuits very often, wear Kurtis which are breathable and stylish. Also, if your customer is a homemaker in Delhi and prefers wearing kurtis throughout the day, then you are at the right place.

The wholesale kurti market in Delhi is booming with multiple companies but they fail to fill in the demands of the consumers due to bad quality material. Are you looking for wholesale kurtis that are of good quality fabric, breathable, do not require frequent ironing and are of a reasonable price?

Wholesale Catalog offers a wide range of branded wholesale kurtis in Delhi that are of contemporary style and are reasonably priced. Not only this, we also cater to the bulk demand for fabric, colour, size, cut and comfort. Overall, the Wholesale Catalog is known to be a leading sense of trend and fashion with its availability in the wholesale market of branded kurtis.

Kurti Wholesale Market Delhi Chandni Chowk

Delhi is known for its crowded wholesale markets, especially for clothes. These markets are flooded with multiple sellers who sell cheap Kurtis which are not of good quality and tend to tear, fade or shrink in just 1 wash. But, when opting for the Wholesale Catalog, offering the best kurtis in the Wholesale Market of Delhi Chandni Chowk, you are sure to get the highest-quality material of wholesale kurtis that can be worn by women on various occasions.

The owners of clothing businesses who look out for such wholesale markets to buy trending and stylish Kurtis that are at the same time, comfortable for regular use and come at a reasonable price, should check out Wholesale Catalog, the best wholesale kurti market in Delhi Chandni Chowk.

Wholesale Catalog - Best Place to Buy Wholesale Branded Kurtis At Bulk Prices

As a trusted seller of Wholesale Kurtis, we understand your concerns such as whether the quality of all the clothes will be the same, will the designs be satisfactory or not and so on. It is truly very essential for a business person to check all these things when they look for a wholesale market of Kurtis in Chandni Chowk. Also, pricing is a big issue as not all wholesale markets provide women Kurtis at bulk prices.

Now, finding a Textile wholesale market that caters to all these needs would be very time-consuming, right? Well, don't worry because we have come to your aid. Wholesale Catalog is an online store that supplies bulk kurtis at wholesale prices to other businesses that sell women's Kurtis.
Wholesale Catalog have to More Kurtis and Sarees Category : Designer Kurtis and Designer Sarees

Why Choose Wholesale Catalog To Buy Wholesale Kurtis?

Following are the reasons why the Wholesale Catalog must be first on your list when you think of buying wholesale kurtis at bulk prices for your customers:

1. Quality Assurance

If you want your customers to be satisfied with the quality of the kurtis that they buy from your store then you can blindly place your order with Wholesale Catalog, as we offer the most authentic branded kurtis. This will ensure that your customers return positive feedback, order regularly from your store and also refer your business to other people which will increase your sales.

2. Eye-catching Designs

Worried about the designs that are currently in-trend? Not a problem at all, when Wholesale Catalog has got your back. We make sure that the Kurtis you order from us are all stylish, and colourful, and go hand-in-hand with the latest trend. This will make your customers fall in love with the products you sell and your store will never be out of stock of vibrant and fashionable styles. Maintaining quality along with fashion is our topmost priority.

3. Variety of sizes

Not all bodies are the same and it is very important to keep a wide range of sizes of each and every product that you include in your store. This will ensure that no customer returns back disheartened. The Wholesale Catalog fulfils the requirements from XS to XXL sizes. Our website is dedicated to the Indianness inherent in every woman and hence, we have a wide range of sizes available to all the customers.

4. Reasonable Price

Wholesale Catalog has placed a plethora of kurtis at reasonable prices. As we aim to cater to the needs and demands of all its consumers, our wholesale kurtis are affordable and budget-friendly. They do not burn a hole in your pocket even if you buy half a dozen at a go.

5. Early Bird Catches the Eye-Catching Kurti  

Wholesale Catalog has launched a unique collection for the summer season. These comfortable kurtis enable you to beat the scorching heat. This summer collection is an eye-catching collection, blending the East and the West and with its affordable price this summer it is the only mantra to beat the heat. So, be the early bird to buy those eye-catching Kurtis which will make heads turn and envy your customer’s priced possession.