Sangam Prints Royal Cotton Saree on Woven Work

6 pcs Bundle

₹ 1060   ₹ 2150



Ronisha Neeru

6 pcs Bundle

₹ 995   ₹ 1990



Sangam Vasu Pujya Vol 3

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Sangam Mansi Vol 2

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Printed Cotton Sarees SSB-2 from wholesale catalog

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Minu RANJANA WHITE BOOTY Cotton Printed Saree-10P Catalog

10 pcs Bundle

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Maniratna Vol-5 By Saroj Sarees

6 pcs Bundle

₹ 1199   ₹ 2149



Rashmika Silk 1 Festive Wear Banarasi Saree Collection

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Saroj sarees presents Sananda Vol-4

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Minu HOWRAH BRIDGE Cotton Saree-15P Catalog

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Minu TUKTUKI ( Riya ) Cotton Printed Saree-15P Catalog

15 pcs Bundle

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Minu BUNTY Assorted Cotton Saree-4P catalog

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Minu GRAPES Cotton Printed Saree-10P Catalog

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Cotton Saree WholeSale

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Pure Cotton Sarees Wholesale

Cotton sarees are the most favoured of the saree variety amongst the Indian females. When selecting a cotton saree it is necessary to understand the fabric, the quality and the comfort of the saree. Cotton sarees are also easy to drape and wear wherever it is that you need to go. It could be a get-together, to the office or to an art exhibition; cotton saree is a must-have. For the cotton saree wholesale dealers, purchasing various categories of the cotton sarees in bulk amount is easy at

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  • Kalamkari Cotton Sarees Wholesale

Kalamkari is a fine art of hand painting patterns over the fabric. This is an ancient handicraft which is still popular today and is in much demand. This art form is traditional to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and is a beautiful form of creating patterns that include flowers, people, places, animals, birds and much more. The Kalamkari art form has been embraced by people from all over the country and also abroad. Now the buyers can purchase Chettinad cotton sarees with Kalamkari blouse wholesale art at the At this online shopping website the dealers, buyers and resellers can choose from the vast variety of various patterns, handicraft work, cotton saree, silk saree, Linen cotton sarees and much more. There are various types of saree collection that allows the buyers to be able to make large purchases and also to be able to supply them accordingly to other regions and state.

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  • Cotton sarees wholesale Price

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Wholesale Catalogue Surat - Cotton Sarees india 

Saree is one of the best-loved attires of all times in India. This Indian outfit has been much loved by all classes and the masses of our country. The best thing about the saree is the fact that it suits everybody of all type, skin tone and height. This Indian wear is so popular that it has continued to rule the hearts and minds of the people even today. This traditional wear is being worn by the women of India even today in many traditional homes. Saree is a fashion statement on its own. This attire is beautiful and easy to wear, once you get the ‘know-how’ of it. Saree can be worn as casual wear, formal wear or as party wear. There are no limits to the possibilities of styling the traditional saree. The saree trend has made a come-back in recent time and is now preferred by the younger generation. The young girls of today are wrapping their saree over a tank-top, shirt and even T-shirts for that extra oomph factor in the modern generation. The saree on a backless blouse makes for a great statement and the saree with a traditional blouse is perfect for a Puja function at home. At the Wholesale catalogue, now you can choose from the innumerable possibilities of designs, patterns, fabric, styles and much more. Let us take a look at some of the much-preferred saree collection that is available at Wholesale Catalogue.