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Wholesale Catalog - The Best Wholesaler Of Kurtis In Jaipur

Getting ready for daily life or for special occasions is a favorite and exciting part of a woman's life, which also makes it essential to choose a well-designed Kurti that complements the event and a woman's personality. Kurtis has become important in the modern age, with different states and countries having their unique styles.


With the increasing popularity of Kurtis, the Wholesale Catalog has emerged as a convenient source for retailers and customers to purchase daily wear Kurtis wholesale. Wholesale Catalog gives you a one-stop solution for purchasing branded kurtis wholesale in Jaipur. In the wholesale kurti market in Jaipur, our Kurtis Catalogue offers a variety of stylish, trendy, and creative Kurtis, including palazzos, leggings, salwar kameez, and other creative possibilities. We provide the best collection of wholesale kurtis in Jaipur for any event.


You need not look further for a high-quality ready-made Kurtis wholesale. We at Wholesale Catalog offer a variety of ready-made Kurtis made from rayon fabric at wholesale prices, with no color leak issues. We also made it easy for you by having the option to order online wholesale Kurtis in bulk with our best couriers preparing your order and delivering it to your doorstep. We assure you that our garments leave an excellent margin for retailers. The customer relationship with a company is largely based on the quality and service provided and we strive to provide the best service and implement new ideas to improve customer satisfaction. Then, what are you waiting for? Hurry up, order now, both online and offline, before stock runs out, and get amazing Kurtis at an unmatchable price.


Wholesale Catalog - Online Wholesale Kurti Market In Jaipur

Jaipur is known for its high-quality kurtis, with strict quality control measures in place. This makes Jaipur an ideal destination for wholesale kurtis.  With the rise of e-commerce and online shopping, purchasing wholesale kurtis from Wholesale Catalog in Jaipur has become even more accessible, making it easier for retailers to place orders from the comfort of their homes.


Wholesale Catalog aims to provide a variety of Kurtis, including traditional Indian prints and modern Western-inspired styles, to cater to a wide customer base. We offer you a variety of Kurtis and salwar-kameez suited for office wear, party wear, festive wear, and functions. Our site offers a wide range of Indian wholesale Kurtis, including Designer, Fancy, and Daily Wear Kurtis, made from various fabric types like short, long, rayon, cotton fabric, floor-length, and gown. At Wholesale Catalog, we have come up with the latest wholesale kurtis collection for purchase.

1. Printed Kurtis Wholesale Jaipur

Printed Kurtis are known for their vibrant patterns and designs. It is a stylish and comfortable option for various occasions and is a popular choice among women's fashion. We have printed Kurtis in a variety of designs such as floral prints, geometric patterns, abstract motifs, and many other traditional designs. Our designers keep researching and keep up with the trends to provide you with the latest printed kurtis wholesale in Jaipur.

2. Cotton Kurtis Wholesale Jaipur

We are a renowned Indian wholesaler of cotton Kurtis, offering high-quality, affordable options for retailers. We provide a wide range of designs, including long and short, designer, and Anarkali cotton Kurtis. The material used in our products is 100% original, ensuring pure cotton Kurtis, and enhancing our reputation as a trustworthy supplier of cotton kurtis wholesale in Jaipur.

3. Embroidered Kurtis Wholesale Jaipur

The Jaipuri Kurtis with embroidery is elegant and a go-to option for any occasion. There are designs, such as traditional and contemporary designs, that make these Kurtis look fabulous on you. You can expect unique and exclusive designs of embroidered kurtis wholesale in Jaipur from us, highlighted by the handmade components.

4. Jaipur Kurtis Set With Dupatta

We offer a wide range of Jaipuri Kurtis, which are comfortable, elegant, and versatile for women. Wholesale Catalog offers a variety of sensual, feminine, and bold plus-size Jaipuri Kurtis, making them more ethnic. We have various exquisite collections of Kurtis, suit sets, and loungewear in vibrant colors, rich fabrics, and luxe embellishments. The plus-size range of Jaipur Kurtis set with dupatta is perfect for making ethnic wear fun again.

5. Bandhani Printed Wholesale Jaipur Kurtis

Bandhani printed Kurtis are Kurtis with tie-dye patterns in vibrant colors. It is a unique and stylish choice for various occasions due to its colors and patterns. They are decorated with various embellishments such as sequins, beads, or embroidery, adding to their charm and elegance. Wearing this kurti makes you look graceful and rich in culture. At Wholesale Catalog, you will get a variety of graceful bandhani printed wholesale Jaipur kurtis in different styles and patterns at the best wholesale prices.

6. Designer Wholesale Jaipur Kurtis

Jaipur is renowned for its vibrant traditional dresses and beautiful wholesale designer Kurtis. The city is a hub for textile designs, and its extensive Kurti Design Catalogue offers a wide range of options. Wholesale Catalog is known as one of the leading wholesale kurti manufacturers in Jaipur. We are trusted by customers worldwide for our vast range of designer wholesale Jaipur Kurtis.

7. Readymade Wholesale Jaipur Kurtis

Buying a readymade kurti has made fashion easier than before. Now, everyone prefers to buy Kurtis that are ready to wear. We have a large collection of readymade wholesale Jaipur kurtis in various styles to fit your taste in fashion. You can visit our website and check out several stylish and comfortable kurtis that feature the newest styles.

8. Semi-Stitched Wholesale Jaipur Kurtis

Women who like to personalize their clothes or need alterations for a better fit prefer semi-stitched Kurtis. This provides the customer with flexibility in design, allowing them to customize the length, and style, or to add their embellishments. This is a practical choice for people with particular tastes or different body types. We at Wholesale Catalog provide you with the best options for semi-stiched wholesale Jaipur Kurtis.

9. Short Wholesale Jaipur Kurtis

Short Kurtis are very much trending for their modern look in an ethnic way. One of the best options in Kurtis is to pair them with jeans and leggings. The short Kurtis is consistently a girl's favorite option. It gives a unique and modern look and short wholesale Jaipur kurtis can be purchased in bulk from the Wholesale Catalog.

10. Long Wholesale Jaipur Kurtis

One step up from Anarkali Kurtis, we have long Kurtis that are a great option for women to look more fashionable with a touch of uniqueness and simplicity for various events. Get these long wholesale Jaipur kurtis from Wholesale Catalog at the best and most affordable prices to get that unique look. We have a wide variety of long cotton Kurtis, such as sleeveless, fourth style, and many more patterns.


Why Choose Wholesale Catalog To Buy Wholesale Kurtis In Jaipur?

1. Designed By Best Designers

Our designers work hard to create the best-class wholesale Kurtis for customers, ensuring that they meet the growing demand for wholesale Kurtis in Jaipur. We keep up with the trends and bring new styles to you every season.

2. Multiple Colour & Sizes Available

Available in sizes from Medium to 4XL, our wholesale Kurtis collection in Jaipur includes short and medium-length kurtis, with short-length kurtis ranging from 38 to 45 inches and medium-length ranging from 42 to 48 inches. Similarly, we offer different shades of wholesale Jaipuri Kurtis at bulk prices.

3. Best Prices And Affordable

We offer high-quality products at the best possible price and fabric, making them an affordable choice for customers looking for a stylish and affordable option. Our prices are matchless, ensuring you won't get the quality you expect at the price you pay.

4. Best Quality Fabric

Wholesale Catalog offers attires in best quality fabrics such as pure cotton, georgette, silk, and much more. Similarly, rayon is a breathable, easy-to-wear fabric made from purified cellulose fibers. It is popular for casual and party wear attires due to quick moisture absorption. It's simple and durable, making it a popular choice for women. Our wholesale Catalog offers ready-made Kurtis made from the best fabric at wholesale prices.

5. 24/7 Services Available

The Wholesale Catalog website is so simple and easy to use. However, we offer 24x7 customer service, with a dedicated team to assist customers with any issues. You can contact us without any second thought and get your doubts cleared. We are available in all of India, including Vadodara, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Banglore, Jaipur, Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Chennai, and Domestic India.

6. Secure Payment

We have a user-friendly website and offer flexible payment options along with security, including bank transfers and online payments. You can get the complete details of payment once you bulk order from us. We ensure that all the transactions done through the website are completely secure.

Book Your Jaipuri Kurtis With Wholesale Catalog- The Best Wholesaler Of Kurtis In Jaipur

Wholesale Catalog is the #1 shop for bulk orders with the best and highest-quality products in Jaipur. We have the best customer service available 24/7 for you, to resolve all your issues or queries. We offer varieties with the best and most affordable prices. We are available for both offline and online bulk orders, ensuring quality and excellent margins for retailers.


Wholesale Catalog is a one-stop platform for all your bulk shopping. We also have flexible payment options and free COD on orders above INR 10,000. We deliver worldwide, in India as well as internationally to countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, UAE, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Australia, And Mauritius.  Then, what are you waiting for? Bulk order now and get the best wholesale Kurtis from the Wholesale Catalog.