Motifz d-2020 velvet with embroidery Salwar Kameez Wholesale catalog

3 pcs Bundle

₹ 1225   ₹ 2657

Your Profit:(53.9%)


Ziaaz Designs 342 Semi Stitched Cotton Salwar Suit Wholesale catalog

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₹ 1100   ₹ 2548

Your Profit:(56.83%)


929 Heavy Velvet Zari Embroidery Salwar Suits Wholesale catalog

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₹ 987   ₹ 1849

Your Profit:(46.62%)


1132 Heavy Velvet Embroidery Salwar Suits Wholesale catalog

1 pcs Bundle

₹ 1208   ₹ 2438

Your Profit:(50.45%)


1135 Heavy Velvet Salwar Suit Wholesale catalog

1 pcs Bundle

₹ 1034   ₹ 2159

Your Profit:(52.11%)


Aashirwad Gulkand Veeda Designer Salwar Kameez Wholesale catalog

2 pcs Bundle

₹ 2600   ₹ 5379

Your Profit:(51.66%)


1153 Heavy Velvet Sequence Embroidery Salwar Suits Wholesale catalog

1 pcs Bundle

₹ 1208   ₹ 2659

Your Profit:(54.57%)


Eba Diva Premium Silk Designer Salwar Kameez Wholesale catalog

2 pcs Bundle

₹ 2299   ₹ 4638

Your Profit:(50.43%)


Deepsy Velvet 23-4 Velvet Pakistani Salwar Kameez Wholesale catalog

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₹ 1399   ₹ 2857

Your Profit:(51.03%)


Ziaaz Designs 384 And 383 Velvet Pakistani Suits Wholesale catalog

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₹ 1450   ₹ 2837

Your Profit:(48.89%)


AJRAA SOHA Salwar Kameez Wholesale catalog

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₹ 2195   ₹ 4379

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1152 Good Quality Heavy Velvet Salwar Suits Wholesale catalog

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₹ 1208   ₹ 2548

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Aasha M Print Vol 7 Cotton Dupatta Pakistani Suits Wholesale catalog

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₹ 599   ₹ 1327

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946 Heavy Velvet Embroidery Worked Salwar Suits Wholesale catalog

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Levisha Nigar Pure Pashmina Pakistani Suits Wholesale catalog

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Shree Maria B Vol 2 Cotton Dupatta Pakistani Suits Wholesale catalog

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Buy Wholesale Salwar Kameez Online @ Surat

Are you looking to set up your own business, but don’t know where to start? We are here with a great business opportunity for you. We are here with an amazing collection of wholesale salwar kameez. Join hands with us and purchase high-quality and striking salwar kameez sets from us for attractive wholesale prices and begin your business with minimum capital.


Are you wondering what makes salwar kameez a great product to start your business with? Do you want to know why we are urging you to set up a clothing business and buy online wholesale salwar kameez from us? It’s simple. Salwar kameez is possibly the only outfit every Indian household needs.

The dress is worn by women living in large mansions and spending thousands of rupees on clothing, women living in small one-room homes and relying on daily wage for their living, almost every other woman in between these two extremes. So, it’s impossible that your business will fail if you make salwar kameez one of its central characters. However, to make your success permanent you must ensure that you are selling high-quality clothing.

We will connect you to the most trusted wholesale salwar kameez dealers in India. These people always make sure that the products they are offering have been created using quality materials. Of course, the comparatively expensive products in our wholesale salwar kameez catalogue have been made using costly and more long-lasting materials. However, that doesn’t mean that the cheaper ones will not impress you with their quality.

As you’ll check our salwar kameez catalogue wholesale, you’ll see that our collection includes outfits suitable for different purposes. There are pieces designed and created for women who need to travel to work on a regular basis. There are pieces that women can wear when at home. Also, you’ll get salwar kameez that you can wear when going out for a day trip, birthday parties, etc. Last, but definitely not least we also have a hefty collection of gorgeous salwar kameez wholesale that can be worn at weddings and other such mega celebrations.

Read on to know about a few options you will get to choose from when buying salwar kameez at wholesale price from our store.


Stitched Salwar Kameez Wholesale: You can rely on our designers completely when it comes to buying ready-to-wear salwar kameez. Our designers keep coming up with exclusive designs which will allow you to offer something new to your existing and potential clients regularly. The collection of our store includes salwar kameez in both trendy and traditional designs. This will allow you to cater to women of all age groups. There are pieces that will allure women in their 50s and 60s as well as pieces that will be loved by college-going teens (and of course everything in between).

People who follow fashion trends know that the number of women opting for readymade garments is increasing with every passing day. This is happening possibly because today, the women in India are as busy as the men. We want you to make the most of this change.

Our collection of wholesale readymade salwar kameez online include pieces in all possible sizes. This ensures that you’ll get to serve buyers of all sizes and shapes.

As mentioned above, our designers never fail to surprise dealers by providing them with eye-catching cuts and patterns at regular intervals. In fact, you will get to buy salwar kameez of multiple cuts and patterns stitched with a single design. This will allow you to have outfits matching the tastes and preferences of all your customers.

Online stores selling wholesale readymade salwar kameez are expected to sell outfits for reasonable prices. We go a step ahead and confirm that none of our competitors offers such high-quality garments for such low price. Whatever might be your budget, you will be able to buy some really good readymade pieces from our store for wholesale prices and begin your business.

Semi Stitched Salwar Kameez Wholesale: There are some women who still prefer buying dresses they can customise according to their size. These individuals request dealers to show them high-quality and attractive options for semi stitched salwar kameez. If you are purchasing wholesale salwar kameez from us, you can rest assured about the fact that you will be spoilt for choice even when buying semi-stitched outfits from us.

Buying semi stitched pieces will also come in handy if your garment store has a tailoring unit that can customise salwar kameez according to measurements provided by the buyers. Giving you buyers the option of having their outfits stitched in their exact sizes will make your business more popular. For patterns and cuts, you can always refer to our design catalogue. The catalogue presents options matching the needs of women who want elaborate and traditional designs as well as those who like wearing minimalistic salwar kameez.

Wholesale Unstitched Salwar Kameez Material: Our online store also has a huge collection of salwar kameez materials wholesale. This will allow you to serve clients who are creative and love designing their own clothes. You may look for cotton salwar kameez fabric, silk fabric, or tussar fabric; we will be able to provide you with all of those and more.


India is a country known for its diversity. The best thing about our country is that all its parts have something to boast of. The statement stands true even when it comes to garments sourced from different corners of the country. Different regions of India are known for producing different textiles. For example, the city of Surat in Gujarat is known to produce cotton of the highest quality. So, we ensure that most of the cotton salwar kameez available at our store are purchased from merchants based in Surat.

Other than Surat wholesale salwar kameez, we also buy materials and readymade pieces from places like Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and several other parts of India. Kolkata is famous for pieces made using handloom fabric. Chennai and Bangalore are known for having some of the best manufacturers of silk salwar kameez. Our chanderi silk salwar kameez wholesale collection, on the other hand, gets sourced from various parts of Madhya Pradesh.

Lastly, we would like to highlight that we even have wholesale salwar kameez Pakistani in our collection. Like Indians, Pakistanis are also big fans of this amazing outfit. Some of the best salwar kameez designs and embroideries on salwar kameez have their origin in Pakistan. We want Indians to have access to all those high-quality works and thus added a hefty collection of Pakistani salwar kameez to our store.


We know that when you run a garment business you must ensure that your collection is versatile enough. That’s actually the only way to make your store popular among all kinds of buyers. If you have a versatile collection, you’ll be able to reach more people. What’s more, you’ll get buyers who will rely on you both for buying outfits they’ll wear everyday and pieces they will wear when celebrating special occasions or attending parties and other invitations.

If you want to have a collection of daily wear salwar kameez in your store, place an order for high-quality cotton salwar kameez from our store. These pieces are made of 100% pure cotton and will remain in perfect shape even after several washes.

To help you to cater to women who hold major posts in government offices or multinational companies, we have an amazing collection of tussar silk salwar kameez wholesale. We buy these pieces from the most renowned merchants doing business in this part of the world.

Other than that, you will get salwar kameez made using chanderi silk fabric, Bangalore silk fabric, and more such amazing materials. You can also purchase salwar kameez fabric wholesale from us.

One thing that’s common in all our offerings is quality. You’ll not need to worry about bleeding fabric or fabric that is fragile when buying wholesale salwar kameez from us. This means if you make a purchase from us, you can rest assured about the fact that your customers will nevercomplain about the quality of our offerings.

Thanks to the talented craftsmen and craftswomen we work with, we impress business owners and buyers also by presenting salwar kameez with flawless and eye-catching embroideries.


Our site aims at helping buyers, dealers, and resellers to get hold of top-notch garments for the lowest possible prices. People visit our site for buying cheap salwar kameez wholesale as they know this is the only place that will not require them to compromise with quality despite selling clothes for extremely low prices.

This makes our site a haven for people looking to set up a new garment store or start a dealership business. Businesses can make more profits without annoying their customers as the final price of the outfits will remain pretty reasonable even if the businesses choose to enjoy a big profit margin. As a result, you’ll not struggle to attract buyers to your store.

You must know the easiest way of winning the hearts of customers is by helping them to save money. The low wholesale price of salwar kameez will also allow you to offer discounts to your customers from time to time without making any loss.

Regular buyers can also make purchases from our website and save money. We encourage buyers shopping for occasions like weddings and festivals to shop directly from our online store.

As a regular buyer, buying from our store will not only allow you to get more outfits within your budget but also provide you with the opportunity to choose from a much bigger collection of salwar kameez.


Indeed, the Indian salwar kameez wholesale price varies from one store to another. However, if you are looking for a store that will allow you to make wholesale purchases for the lowest possible price but will offer you extremely high-quality outfits, you shouldn’t look beyond Wholesale Catalog. Our online store can be your stepping-stoneto success if you want to run your own business.

Start-ups can rely on us if they are slightly short on capital. We will help them in beginning their operations with minimum capital. This is possible because our collection includes items to meet the needs of both small and big budgets businesses. If you already have a business, we’ll assist you in increasing your profit margin by providing you with salwar kameez at extremely low prices. You can use the extra money you earn to make your business bigger and reach a larger consumer base.

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