Fashion Galleria Manohari Kurti Wholesale catalog

5 pcs Bundle

₹ 749   ₹ 1547

Your Profit:(51.58%)


Moksh International Co-ord set WOW VOL-1 Kurti Wholesale catalog

5 pcs Bundle

₹ 1050   ₹ 2318

Your Profit:(54.7%)


14KG Heavy Riyon D - 1271 Kurti Wholesale catalog

4 pcs Bundle

₹ 499   ₹ 999

Your Profit:(50.05%)


Vardan Designer Fame Vol- 1 Kurti Wholesale catalog

2 pcs Bundle

₹ 750   ₹ 1647

Your Profit:(54.46%)


KARISSA VIDISHA VOL-6 Kurti Wholesale catalog

6 pcs Bundle

₹ 850   ₹ 1759

Your Profit:(51.68%)


TATTVA STYLE LOFT TUNICS Kurti Wholesale catalog

5 pcs Bundle

₹ 745   ₹ 1548

Your Profit:(51.87%)


Rangmaya vol -2 Alia cut Kurti Wholesale catalog

4 pcs Bundle

₹ 799   ₹ 1548

Your Profit:(48.39%)


Rangmaya vol -1 Alia cut Kurti Wholesale catalog

4 pcs Bundle

₹ 799   ₹ 1648

Your Profit:(51.52%)


Deeptex Scarlet Vol-1 – Cotton Short Tops

10 pcs Bundle

₹ 195   ₹ 390

Your Profit:(50%)


Anju Fabrics Ehsaas Kurti Wholesale catalog

3 pcs Bundle

₹ 1750   ₹ 3597

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STARLINK vol-2 DILNAAZ Kurti Wholesale catalog

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₹ 560   ₹ 1327

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STARLINK vol-1 DILNAAZ Kurti Wholesale catalog

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Ladies Flavour Sangrilla Kurti Wholesale catalog

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₹ 1095   ₹ 2159

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Kinti Samira Vol 3 Heavy Rayon Kurti Wholesale catalog

6 pcs Bundle

₹ 575   ₹ 1438

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Kanasu Lotus Vol 2 Heavy Blueberry Rayon Kurti Wholesale catalog

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₹ 395   ₹ 748

Your Profit:(47.19%)


PAAVI GULZAR-2 Kurti Wholesale catalog

8 pcs Bundle

₹ 570   ₹ 1099

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GOLDEN RED ROSE VOL-2 Kurti Wholesale catalog

8 pcs Bundle

₹ 465   ₹ 999

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KANASU ERICA GEORGETTE Kurti Wholesale catalog

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4 pcs Bundle

₹ 1595   ₹ 3269

Your Profit:(51.21%)

Catalogue Kurtis Manufacturers in Surat

A woman can excel at every look if she wears the kind of clothes that suits and appeals to her. Times have changed. Now there are myriads of options available. Kurtis Manufacturer in Surat has become integral apparel in women's clothing. The appeal and elegance of Wear have always been fascinating. Surat, known as the diamond city, has evolved to be among the top Kurtis manufacturers in Surat. There are numerous, but we, unlike others, offer the best quality and countless options to choose from.

The increasing demand for fashionable Kurtis has led to innovative designs by our expert designers. Catalogue Kurtis Manufacturer in Surat, We cater to all sorts of Garments; from casual, cotton, fancy, to the good old, plain. We aim to reach to every customer via offline or online medium and are well-known ladies Kurti manufacturers who provide impeccable for every occasion — offering in different designs, patterns, and colors are our forte. As a leading branded Kurti, we realize what today's women want their Clothes to look like. We know their taste in traditional wears and thus, we design them accordingly. Clothes have now transcended from mere traditional wear to a modern-day dress that can be worn at office, family functions, parties, or anywhere else. Kurtis is evergreen when it comes to pairing, too; they can be easily paired with Leggings, Salwars, Patiala, Palazzos or almost any other bottom. There are loads of varieties available to us. We offer a wide range of sizes, Medium (M) to 4Xl so that anyone can pick out the Western wear they like in a perfect size. Being branded Kurti manufacturers in Surat, we are a one-stop-shop for kurtis design catalogue and all your Garments needs. We also provide wholesale Anarkali kurtis at reasonable price.

Types of Wholesale Kurtis

Cotton Kurtis Wholesale

Designer Kurtis Wholesale

Anarkali Kurtis Wholesale

Feeding Kurtis Wholesale

Selfie Kurtis Wholesale

Kurtis Suppliers in Surat

Surat is known to be a textile hub. People tend to purchase, import, and export from manufacturers in Surat to all over the world. We are not only Ladies Kurtis manufacturers, but we are also wholesale kurti supplier in Surat and all over India. We believe that the bond between the customer and the kurtis supplier in Surat is essential. It reinforces itself if the customer is satisfied with the service of the manufacturer. To live up to the said expectation, we are available 24/7 for our customers and ready to help out with any issue. Customers can visit our user-friendly website and browse upon the Kurti of their choice. Furthermore, they can also purchase from us and avail of various discounts and offers. To make it easy for you, we also offer a COD option on the purchase of Rs 10,000 and above.

We provide Wholesale Kurtis in Surat, who come up with innovative custom designs with top quality fabric. Being the wholesaler, we present our designs to retailers as well as direct customers. This way, we can reach the maximum number of customers and empower more people to enjoy our shopping with us.

Georgette Kurtis manufacturer

For those who want their look to be flashy yet simple, elegant yet stylish, Georgette Kurti is the one for you. our Georgette cloth is of top quality and hence, is a bit pricey than casual ones. But the look they offer can capture sundryogles. It also enables you to wear it to almost any occasion. With Thread, Gotta Patti, Chicken work on Geogeote Fabrics, you can team it up with Palazzo or pants. This Palazzo Kurtis or Pant combination looks super-fashionable. we offer several designs in Georgette Kurtis, too.

We, being the Georgette wholesale Kurtis manufacturer in Surat, are exceptional in our slant. Wholesale Catalog provides in bulk to retailers, vendors, and distributors. To cope up with the need to deliver at wholesale price, we came up with our website where you can purchase you like at the most affordable price.  you can also buy sarees, leggings, pants, palazzo, and much more to team up with your Garments. Whether you want to purchase in bulk or just a single piece, we guarantee you won't regret visiting our website. We are a renowned cotton Kurtis manufacturer as our cotton products are sold comparatively more than any other kind of product. For every fabric of any kind, we offer a trendy look. You are bound to like it. From short, long to floor-length or gown type, our Clothes gives a fashionable look that makes you stand out in the crowd.

Wholesale Kurti Manufacturers

Wholesale Catalog listen to your needs and offer precisely what you want. Most of the ladies Kurtis manufacturers in Surat are offline, or store-based; for your convenience, we offer you a choice to buy online on our website. We have created a niche among wholesalers with an online platform that caters to all the Kurti needs of every woman. We even provide custom made Kurtis that are designed exclusively for you. We take bulk orders from vendors who wish to purchase from outside India and we deliver internationally as well.

We have our Kurtis stunning and unique catalogs to boast about.  We deal in is enough to meet your demands. We started as a small Online Store in Surat in the year 2010, and since then, we are among the leading Wholesale Kurti manufacturer in Surat. We not only are dealing at our physical store but due to digitization and change in trends, we also have ventured onto the E-Commerce platform.

We developed an online platform that enables us to ship worldwide. For exclusive designs, people choose our platform as they trust us as a Wholesale Catalog. Bulk requirements can be met at our platform.

With many Kurti manufacturers in Surat, customers tend to get confused as to where to buy from. They are worried that some fraud may also take place in terms of material, print, or quality. But we can assure you of no such issues. You can contact our service assistant for any complaints or concerns, and we would be up to solve it at the very moment.

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Surat is the hub of the clothing and textile industry in India. It is the largest hub of fashion and textile industries in the world. The city is known for its vibrant and creative fashion and textile industry. It is home to some of the best textile designers and manufacturers in the world. There are countless wholesale kurti manufacturers in Surat who are constantly innovating and introducing new designs and styles in kurtis.

Surat offers an immense variety of kurtis in different designs, styles, and fabrics. The wholesale kurti market in Surat is extremely competitive and the manufacturers in this region are always introducing new designs and styles to meet the customer’s demands. The wholesale kurti manufacturers in Surat are highly skilled and experienced in their craft and they use top-notch quality fabrics to produce stylish kurtis for the customers. The fabrics used for making kurtis in Surat are of superior quality and the craftsmanship of these manufacturers is of the highest level.

The wholesale kurti manufacturers in Surat have the latest machines and equipment for production and they are also constantly innovating and introducing new technology and machines to make the process of producing kurtis easier and more efficient. These manufacturers provide excellent customization services to their customers and they are always ready to meet the customer’s needs and preferences. The kurtis from Surat come with the latest trends and styles and they are extremely popular among all sections of society.

The wholesale kurti manufacturers in Surat provide excellent customer service and they are always ready to assist the customers in whatever way possible. They also provide a wide range of payment options to suit the customer’s needs. Most of the manufacturers in this region provide free shipping and delivery services for their customers. So, if you are looking for high-quality kurtis at competitive prices, then the wholesale kurti manufacturers in Surat are the perfect choice for you.