GOLD EDITION BEDSHEET VOL 2 Bedsheets Wholesale catalog

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₹ 230   ₹ 999

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Minu Fantasy DLX Pure Cotton Bedsheet-57P Catalogue

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Minu Fantasy SPL Pure Cotton Bedsheet-57P Catalogue

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Minu Alisha Bedsheet-33P Cotton Printed Bedsheet Catalogue

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Minu Bedsheet SPL-45P Cotton Printed Bedsheet Catalogue

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Minu Carnival Poly Cotton Bedsheet-12P Catalogue

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₹ 350   ₹ 1299

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Minu Satin Roma king Bedsheet-13P Catalogue

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Buy Bedsheet at Wholesale Price from Wholesale Catalog : Wholesale Bed sheets in Surat India

The wholesale catalog is your one-stop for getting premium bedsheets and bed covers. More than 10,000 varieties of bed sheets and other décor wholesale bedsheets online to choose from. Not only traditional but all clothing materials to give your room a better look.

We provide all kinds of wholesale bed sheets fabrics that suit your beds in all dimensions and also a wide range of material choices from cotton, rayon, velvet, and woolen. In the room decor collection, we have a huge range of traditional modern textiles that will eliminate the thought of what we should buy this year.

Traditional Bedsheets

Very ethnic and traditional textile pieces to put on a normal day could be held uniquely by Indian occasions. The wholesale catalog is the most conventional but elegant décor shopping one may want to bring. 

Our series possesses the freshness that could make each person fall in love with it. You can search via a plethora of picks like chikankari, Rajasthani, modern art, etc. Filled with floral designs and mixed with conventional styles, the brand-new series of Wholesale catalogs is a must-discover, this season. 

If you adore Traditional bedsheets then you definitely can’t wait. You can put on bed covers on any traditional, festive, or normal day.

Wholesale Catalog for Every Occasion 

Modern-day wholesale bedsheets designs like tie and dye, thread-work, etc. have a massive demand even today, particularly among people around us or abroad, once they plan to show off their traditional decorations.

Ladies usually showcase and decorate their houses in an ethnic Indian decor and Wholesale catalog table cover, mats, and bedsheets designs which are designed retaining in thought the detailing, weaving styles, colors, sequin paintings, and ordinary craftsmanship that displays class, beauty, and grandeur. 

  • Our Wholesale catalog Bedsheets series has included all of the modern-day brand-new colors, styles, and seems, but including a modern-day contact to it.
  • The Wholesale catalog has a contemporary-day method toward traditional style, which varies from tiny floral print to huge patches, from festive gold print to brilliant antique, and from conventional stripes to intense embroidery; we have numerous styles to amuse your house and offices for distinctive activities.
  • Wholesale catalog table covers, mats, and bedsheets are packed with stunning combinations, colors, tricky designs, thread work, embroidery, extra-everyday prints, and the brand-new series that will truly assist you to get that best ethnic decor for the fashionista in you. 


  • Wholesale catalog table cover, mats, and bedsheets are unsurely selecting the proper table sheet or table cover and bedsheets according to their choice. With such a lot of alternatives withinside the market, it can be pretty hard to pick out and put on the Wholesale catalog that caters to all of your needs. Things which you have to not forget even when buying a table cover, mat, or bedsheet. 

Things which you have to don't forget even when buying a bedsheet

Keep in mind the time of the event as well as the type of occasion, you want to buy from Wholesale catalog colors and designs will rely upon whether or not the occasion is scheduled for day or night time. It's really useful to pick out mild colors for day activities and darkish colors for nighttime activities. The sort of event will determine the depth of gildings or embroidery withinside the Wholesale catalog bedsheets. A simple yet elegant that fits the event will assure you several compliments and praise. Heavy paintings and shapes on curtains are perfect for conventional activities.  

Make your life colorful with the Wholesale catalog.  It is most famous in Northern India. The Wholesale bed sheets in Delhi, Wholesale bedsheets in Mumbai, and Wholesale bedsheets in Surat marketplace have emerged as fashionable decor options for some reasons.

  • The Wholesale catalog is a relatively flexible class of interior decor and is available in numerous patterns and designs, with fancy and decorated patterns for ceremonies, celebrations, and gifting in marriages.
  • Vibrant and chic Wholesale bedsheets online are available. With colorful and sublime patterns or embellished and embroidered patterns are, of course, timeless and ideal for being given as a present at ceremonies, you might easily pass for something with a modern twist. When using Wholesale bedsheets in ceremony designs, features can include designs with a touch of fusion.
  • A wholesale catalog with ruffles at the hem or with a frilly border can flip your go searching and right away make it more youthful and greater fun. This works for diffused colors, however colorful or quite pastel colors might praise the royal decor as a traditional Wholesale bedsheet.

Why Should You Choose Wholesale Catalog?

Our Wholesale bedsheets market in Mumbai,Delhi,Hyderabad, and Bombay dyeing bed sheets wholesale in Bangalore are very famous for buying authentic bedsheets online. Our bed sheet sets are a joy to choose and decorate, these are made from the sweetness of looms and tailored via fingers that touch and craft tough on each element. We transform you immediately into a global ethnic style with just a click, acknowledging a way of life that invokes slopes and planes.

When you select Wholesale Catalog online shopping for bedsheets, we will make sure that you will be updated on all of the current patterns that are in trend and that you really do not miss out on any of the offers and deals.