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Wholesale Catalog: Your Online Store For Men’s Kurtas

Men’s Kurta is a garment that can be described as a loose, usually collarless shirt, longer than a typical shirt, which is worn on different occasions and ceremonies. The length of men’s kurta is generally slightly above or below the knees, and also the sleeves, unlike shirts, are not cuffed. Kurtas are of the best ethnic wear choices for men. Kurtas can be worn with pajamas for a completely traditional look or can be donned with a pair of jeans or pants for a casual look or attire.

Today, there are a variety of kurta designs and options available for men to choose from in accordance with the occasion in which they have to be worn. Kurtas are also being produced using different fabrics so that men can freely wear kurtas in any weather or season. While pure cotton kurtas are a go-to choice for men for wearing in the scorching heat of summer months, khadi silk kurtas are famous for keeping them warm in the winter months. At Wholesale Catalog, we aim to revolutionize traditional Indian fashion and provide you with an exclusive range of men’s kurtas.

History of Men’s Kurtas

Kurta is a term, which is often believed to be derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Kuratu’ or from the Persian word ‘Kurtaka’. It is therefore difficult to pinpoint the place from where kurtas for men originated. However, men in India have been adorning kurtas long before they became popular amongst people.

Over the years, different styles and designs evolved. The Nawabs of Lucknow made Chikankari kurtas famous, which are still one of the most popular Indian attires for men. Khadi kurtas became popular during the Swadeshi movement during India’s freedom struggle. These were hand-woven then using cotton, silk, and wool fabrics, and even till this day, they are made with expensive fine quality fabrics which make them a rich style and preference of clothing amongst people. In the past, kurtas were more basic and everyday outfit staples. Now with changing times, there are various types of men’s kurtas available which can be worn both casually and at special occasions and festivities.

Latest Fashion Trends

The latest trend shows that designers have started making men’s kurtas in distinct styles. Traditionally, kurtas were primarily made from cotton or khadi silk fabrics. Today, however, designers are experimenting with various new-age fabrics for producing stylish kurtas. With different fabrics being put to use to make men’s kurtas, there are various color options to choose from, such as a dark-colored kurta with intricate designs for an evening event, or a light or pastel shade kurta which little to no design for an event that takes place in the day time.

While in the past, men’s kurtas usually had no collar, nowadays different collar styles are becoming famous, such as the Nehru collar. Men also can choose between the typical long kurtas or short ones which appear more as a semi-casual shirt and do not require to be tucked in. In India, many politicians are seen wearing kurta pyjamas on a regular basis. Pairing it up with a Sadri or a Nehru Jacket makes it suitable for wearing on formal occasions.

Different types and designs of kurtas are preferred by men of different regions and on different occasions. For weddings, Sherwani kurtas are preferred above all other attire by Indian men, for both the groom as well as other male members of the family. In any religious ceremony or festival, kurtas are a compelling choice for men. Men with a great physique and a tough build usually prefer wearing the Pathani style kurta with Patiala pyjamas. Punjabi and north Indian men are usually seen adorning these stylish kurtas.

Wholesale Catalog’s Range of Men’s Kurta

Kurtas for men are one of the most comfortable ethnic wear choices. They can be donned both on formal and informal occasions. Different types of kurtas can be donned in different ceremonies and can even be worn casually. Wholesale Catalog has a wide range of kurtas for men which effectively cater to the fashion needs of men and are updated as per the latest trends. Made with fine fabrics, these kurtas by Wholesale Catalog are stitched to perfection, making them a snug and cozy attire choice. You also get semi-stitched fabrics for men’s kurta which you can get made according to your fitting and size.

The Wholesale Catalog has many impressive collections of men’s kurtas from top brands. The diverse collection of kurtas is available in top-quality fabrics like pure cotton, cotton slub, and mixed fabrics. We have both plain and sober choices as well as designer and embroidered kurtas to suit your needs. The Wholesale Catalog also offers a range of couples’ matching outfits in kurtas and father and son kurta combos.

Why Is Wholesale Catalog The Best For Buying Men’s Kurtas?

The Wholesale Catalog is one of the best and the most reliable Exporter and Supplier of fashion wear for both men and women. It has an extensive stock of men’s kurta, both plain ones for formal events, and designer ones for various ceremonies and functions. They are made with quality fabrics and we have some of the best brands on board with us to furnish you with their most attractive garments.

Kurtas are multi-purpose and can be worn on various occasions, and you can visit our online store to order kurtas for yourself. The website of Wholesale Catalog is easy to use and interactive. Also, our products are available to you at wholesale rates and thus, your favorite outfits can be purchased at highly affordable prices. We also give discounts and have special deals and offers on the already minimally priced products. We provide hassle-free services and your order gets delivered right at your doorsteps in a week’s time and for metro cities, the time taken is approximately four days. Our services have also been extended to international customers and we ship orders across the globe.

Our services are smooth and you surely will not be able to stop at just a few products. The diverse collection we have is irresistible and worth your time and money. So what are you waiting for? Go check out the website of the Wholesale Catalog and buy the most dashing and smart men’s kurtas for yourselves!

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