Pashmina Dress Material Wholesale

Pashmina is a fine variety of spun cashmere, the fiber that makes up the Changthangi goat's downy undercoat. Pashmina is a Persian term that means "wool,” In today's slang, pashminas can refer to either the cloth or a particular type of Kashmir shawl fashioned from it. In today’s time, a variety of products can be made out of pashminas, such as variants of shawls, suits, kurta, and warm winter dresses. Pashmina is famous for keeping people warm during winters. Its main attractive quality is that it feels like a feather to wear but is very warm, perfect for chilly weather. At Wholesale Catalogue, we provide you with a wide range of Pashmina dress material wholesale with the latest trends and a variety of color options to choose from.

The Popularity of Pashmina Material

Wool fibers discovered in Harappa during Indus valley culture are incredibly fine and resemble Pashmina. A turban, long coats, dresses, jackets, shawls and mufflers, trousers were all part of the Mughal khilat ensemble fashioned of pashmina and embroidered with gold thread. Pashmina blankets and shawls were also a major attraction for people from wealthy families as it appeared costly, had elaborate ornamentation, aesthetic features, and was crafted of expensive raw materials, therefore it satisfied the tastes as a class identifier.
Goats that are used in the production of Pashmina shed their skins every spring. They are combed, and their undercoat is gathered. Kashmir is the importer of raw Pashmina. Specialized women and workers carry out all the steps in the production of Pashmina, from weaving to sewing. It takes approximately 180 hours to finish a Pashmina stole. Pashmina is known among women for its softness. Due to its popularity among women, we have available a variety of Pashmina dress material wholesale at our store.

Pashmina Dress Material Catalogue

Suits for women are the best and the most popular ethnic choice for women, and what’s better than a soft and warm suit in winters? Wholesale Catalogue has a wide variety of Pashmina suits for women with effectively catering to their needs and are up to date with the latest trends and fashion. These Wholesale Catalogue’s Pashmina Dress materials embroidered to perfection and made of the softest Pashmina make them a comfortable and cozy outfit choice for women.
Wholesale Pashmina Catalogue offers woolen pashmina ready-made Dress materials with digital prints as well as handmade designs exclusively for you from different brands at affordable prices at your doorsteps. The suits are available in a variety of options to choose from, stitched, unstitched, and semi-stitched.
The designs are so beautiful thus making them perfect for parties, festivals, functions, gatherings, and casual daily wear. The dress materials including dupattas, bottom wears, shawls, kurtas are 100% pure Pashmina with exclusive embroidery.  As mainly the material is unstitched it gives you the freedom to make it stitched according to your sizes and fits. Some of the exclusive pieces in our Pashmina dress material catalogue also have digital prints with Swarovski diamond work making them perfect for occasions.

Pashmina Dress Material is Winter & Summer Collection

The Wholesale Catalogue is one of the greatest and most dependable exporters and suppliers of women's fashion wear. We supply a large collection of pashmina dress materials in both basic and fashionable styles for various ceremonies and gatherings.
Our dress materials are composed of high-quality fabrics made of pashmina wool, and we have partnered with some of the top companies to provide you with the most appealing outfits suitable for winters. You can get pashmina dress material for yourself from our online store.

Pashmina Dress Material Online in Surat India 

Wholesale Catalog’s website is user-friendly and interactive. On our website, you can find the best and exclusive Pashmina Dress Material Online. Furthermore, our products are offered to you at wholesale pricing, allowing you to get your favorite ensembles at very low prices. On top of that, we offer discounts and special deals and offers on already low-cost items. We offer hassle-free services, with your order arriving at your door in about a week for rural areas and four days for metro areas. We've expanded our services to include foreign consumers, and we now send orders all around the world.
Our services are easy to use, and you won't be able to choose just a few items. The assortment is broad. The variety of our assortment is irresistible and well worth your time and money. So, what do you have to lose? Visit the Wholesale Catalogue’s website to purchase the warmest and softest Pashmina Dress material for yourself!!

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